Nigeria Wins: Cranfield’s leadership training for women professors at the University of Lagos begins

A leadership training program is being held at Cranfield University this week with the aim of improving the skills of 12 women university professors coming from University of Lagos.
The program will enable participants to improve their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication skills, ability to handle difficult conversations as well as to advise and counsel, which will have a direct impact on their future students.
With support from Santander Bank, we launched the Nigeria Wins! project in 2022 with the main objective of improving leadership skills and encouraging academic empowerment of women university professors in Nigeria.
Other objectives include:
– Strengthen Nigeria’s university education system.
– To integrate the transfer of leadership knowledge in various fields of study.
– To enhance and strengthen female leadership skills, contributing to bridging the developmental and gender gaps in Nigeria.
– To generate a measurable positive impact on university students, especially in the areas of self-confidence and leadership skills.

In the first phase of the project we chose the British institution Imperial College as a collaborating partner, responsible for delivering a leadership training program. Thanks to the training program, the 25 participating women professors strengthened their leadership skills through 10 live virtual sessions taught by Imperial College professors, leaders in Authentic leadership. The course took place over 5 weeks and the content of the program allowed the women to explore their leadership skills, their goals and learn how to adopt the coaching mindset through constructive feedback.

Following the success of the first phase of the project, the Women for Africa Foundation and Banco Santander decided to renew their partnership and launched the second phase of the project in 2023, based on the results and recommendations made by the participants. In this second phase, the academic institution chosen to deliver the leadership training program is Cranfield University, as it presented a training proposal that was very well adapted to the needs of the Nigerian professors and the objectives of the Foundation.

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