Women for Africa celebrates ten years of history


We begin 2022 with great enthusiasm! We celebrate ten years since María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, its founder and president, presented in Madrid an innovative and ambitious project to support African women.

Looking back, we see that in only a decade of existence we have come a long way. Our projects have yielded excellent results and aligned with our objectives. Which were and continue to be promoting and supporting African women’s leadership in all areas, with particular attention to politics, peacebuilding, and governance. with particular attention to politics, peacebuilding, and governance; to offer training opportunities and promote higher education and scientific research; to increase and promote economic empowerment; to guarantee health and well-being, to create channels to publicize the contributions of African women in cultures

For this coming year, we are still eager to move forward. We will consolidate iconic projects such as the Leadership and Governance Forum, Science by Women, Learn Africa, Launch & Grow, and Women Make Cinema.

In the 2022 Action Plan, you will find details of all our programs that we will be able to continue developing, as we have done over the years, thanks to the support of numerous entities, institutions, and individuals.

In 2022 we also want to be closer-if possible-to African women. Our center in northern Morocco, Phare Nador, will open its doors to many young women from the Eastern region with a major educational project for digitalization and the strengthening of personal leadership skills. We also inaugurated a new MxA space in Dakar, Senegal, at the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute. Our ESPACE will be a place to promote Hispanism in the African continent. Additionally, will be a place from which we will discuss the roots, history, culture, and contemporary contributions of African women descendants in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the African Diaspora.

Click here for the 2022 Action Plan

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