The Women’s Green Yard


COUNTRY/TOWN: The Gambia / Katatorr and Sanyang

LENGTH: 2014 - 2017


Women’s Green Yard was an agricultural project carried out in the Gambian villages of Katatorr and Sanyang, where the Women for Africa Foundation worked with agricultural cooperatives run by women to encourage development in this sector and in female business skills in Gambia.

The project’s main aim was to improve food security by boosting the production of fresh food from the agricultural fields to meet family needs and help increase rural households’ income. It was intended to improve the diversity, quantity and quality of the products, as well as to help in selling them.

The programme was aimed at two cooperatives made up of a total of 500 women to strengthen the country’s horticulture by cultivating irrigated fields, via three lines of action: creating sustainable irrigation infrastructures and the tools necessary to obtain quality products in as big a quantity as possible; strengthening cooperatives in terms of their technical, social and production management, providing training to ensure the benefits; and support throughout the cycle of marketing and selling the products.

Women´s Green Yard has had a fast, widely noticed impact on life in the towns where it has been carried out, which means over 8,000 people. The programme’s success has led the Gambian Government to adopt it as a model for activity in the agricultural sphere, and it is being replicated in other communities with the support of international organisations such as the World Bank.

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