Learn Africa


COUNTRY/TOWN: Spain / Several

LENGTH: 2013 onwards

In progress

In line with its mission to contribute to development in Africa through its women, MxA has launched the Learn Africa scholarship programme for African women students and researchers in Spanish universities. It aims precisely to foster knowledge transfer and skills training for young ladies from that continent. After finishing their studies in our country, they return to their places of origin to the benefit of their communities, thus contributing to the advancement of African societies.

To attain this ambitious goal, the Women for Africa Foundation can count on the collaboration of significant Spanish universities of recognised prestige, ensuring academic excellence.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, 39 universities all over Spain are taking part, and there are 62 scholarships, mostly for master’s studies, though there are also some doctoral programmes. In total there will be 68 young women from 20 African countries studying in Spain with Learn Africa. In addition, we have four students at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and seven in the Planeta group’s OSTELEA and ESLSCA training centres in Rabat.

The Learn Africa programme is based on the collaboration agreements signed with each of the Spanish universities that are hosting the African women students and researchers. The MxA Foundation is responsible for selecting the beneficiaries as well as supporting them in obtaining their visas and monitoring and evaluating their stay in our country.

The young African ladies who have the opportunity to enjoy an undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship for studies in some of the universities collaborating have an enormously productive experience from both an educational and personal point of view. Similarly, the host universities benefit from the presence of young people with a high level of education who make excellent use of the studies they follow.

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