Tsadkan Araya Gebreyesus. Ethiopia


Tsadkan Araya. EtiopiaIn Ethiopia, the first coronavirus case was reported on 13 March and the victim was identified a Japanese citizen. After this, responsible authorities tried to approach all individuals who had contact with the Japanese.

Following this, on 16 March, the prime minister announced different measures to be taken in order to protect the spread of the coronavirus in the country.  These include a ban on mass gathering, closing all schools and borders. These measures are still continuing for unknown periods.  Similarly almost all regions   have taken their own strict measures, such as banning all travels, school closures and banning mass gatherings  to control the spread of the pandemic in their region.

Until April 7, 2020, the total coronavirus report shows there are 52 individuals who are tested positive with the virus and 2 deaths have happened. The number is increasing from time to time. Most of the individuals who are infected with the virus are among the people who came to Ethiopia recently and were in quarantine for 14 days. They are mix of foreigners and Ethiopians.

In order to minimize the spread of the virus in the country, all Medias are working extensively to create awareness on preventing measures for the spread of the virus. But, it seems people are not considering the problems that could happen because of this pandemic. In the place where I am living, it is possible to observe many people who go out without mask.  It is possible to observe individuals visiting each other for celebrating birthdays, to visit new born baby etc.  Even though government officials put different measures and media networks are using their whole airtime on awareness creation, there is huge gap in following and implementing the preventing methods by the population. This could make very difficult to stop the spread of the virus if there are peoples who are infected with the virus within the society.  But, we are hoping that there may not be infected people within the society, as all positive reports are from new comers to the country and who stayed for 14 days in quarantine.

I am a lecturer at university. All schools and universities are closed. However, the government is arranging different radio and television channels for students up to grade 12 to attend their education from their home.  Some schools have online learning center and they are making their students to learn online.

Regarding the life at home, I stay at home except I go out rarely to buy foods. Sometimes we feel boring of sitting at home. But we believe we have to do it as it is the best method to avoid the spread of the virus.

Many business centers are closed and it is affecting the life of many individuals, including women and so children.  This pandemic may affects all individuals, but its effect may vary according to the different circumstances individuals face.

Generally, in the absence of fast end of this pandemic, the economic social and political impact will be substantial for our country.

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