Secelela and daughters. Tanzania


In this post we also include the stories of Secelela’s daughters. Virgina, 8 years old, Petra, 10 years old and Ave-María, 13 years old, have wanted to leave us their testimony. We thank them for their great contribution.

COVID19 and new lifestyle

Secelelea TanzaniaMy name is Secelela Balsidya, Tanzanian and beneficiary of Women for Africa Foundation in various ways since 2016.

COVID 19 like in many parts of the world, has already knocked doors in Tanzania. According to the statement issued by the Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Hon. Ummy Mwalimu , a total of 273 people are taken for corona virus test so far. Among those samples, 260 people tested negative and 13 cases are confirmed corona virus patients as of March 26th, 2020.

Our Government has taken stern measures to control the situation. For example, schools from nursery school to University are closed for one month, sports activities and many other activities that involve gathering of many people are banned. Official information and data about COVID 19 in our country is strictly delivered by the Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, or the Prime Minister or if necessary the President of United Republic of Tanzania to avoid misinformation and distortion about the corona situation in our country.

As a marketing expert, corona pandemic has affected my work because my work involves meeting groups of people and a lot of meetings and one to one conversations. Our government has instructed people to observe self-quarantine and only to go out if it is necessary and also we are told to avoid unnecessary traveling. For now, I work from home through email, telephone and WhatsApp only. This way is not as effective as when I meet clients and present my marketing ideas and products.

Corona virus has affected my work also in a way because despite using email, telephone and WhatsApp, still response is  very low because people now do not respond to business and economic activities compared to previous, because most of the time their mind is on the pandemic and fear and cautious in more on how they can prevent themselves and prevent others so businesses are not that much a priority.

Because the schools are closed, I am making a self-quarantine for myself and my children who are sent back home from school because of the corona virus situation. On other hands, coping with corona virus by staying at home has helped me to be close to my children and staying together all day and night has increased our bond.

I encourage all women and all Tanzanians to adhere, respect and practise self-quarantine and all other Government advices because this is the best way to prevent ourselves and prevent others. Prevention is better than cure.

In terms of basic needs for daily meals with my family, I am affected somehow because I buy in the nearby shops to avoid long distances and gathering of people in markets. This has made me not to buy the best I would like but only to get what is available to help us keep going during this period.

Of the best coping mechanism on COVID 19, is to wash hands! This time around I have learnt to wash my hands more than any period in my life! I wash hands every now and then and also the use of sanitizer has changed my way of living. It is a good health practise and I hope I will keep this behaviour even after the COVID 19 situation is in control and the problem is over!

The experience of COVID-19

Virginia TanzaniaHi, My name is Virginia Natalia Kidanka. I am 8 years old and my mom is Secelela Balisidya. I am in grade four. Our school is closed because of corona (COVID19).

I see that we close school because corona is a very dangerous disease. It has killed so many people. I can not go to play at all with my friends. I can only stay home and go to church. I am not allowed to go to the shop. We are staying home in quarantine.

We have to wash our hands every time with water and soap or sanitizer to keep us safe.



Corona virus (COVID-19)

Petra TanzaniaHello, my name is Petra Redempta Kidanka, I am ten years old, and here is my experience about corona.

Corona is the worst disease on earth, and this disease has affected many people and many people have died in China, Italy, Spain and Iran.

This disease is caused by a virus called corona and is spread through contact of body, especially eyes, nose and mouth. So people have to avoid to touch those areas.

Quarantine means that pupils are not going to school. I love quarantine. In this quarantine I have learnt to wash hands every time.

I cant go to play with my friends or go to the places like playgrounds which I like most because on this situation we are not supposed to go to unnecessary places.


Corona and me

Ave Maria TanzaniaHello, my name is Ave-Maria Given Kidanka. I am 13 years old and I am in grade 9. My school is closed because of corona.

COVID -19 is caused by a virus called corona. CO stands for Corona, VI stands for Virus and D19 stands for December 19 when the disease started. This disease first started in China and by now the whole world is affected.

Personally it also affected me in a good way and in a bad way. The good way is that we don’t have to wake up early and go to school and the bad part is that we got a quarantine whereby we are not allowed to go out, unless for a very good reason.

We have to wash our hands all the time, we are not allowed to give Hi Fives, fist bumbs or even hand shakes.

On the other hand, we will be so behind when we go back to school. We are missing a lot of lessons but I think the teachers will find a way to help us catch up.

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