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Purity Kathamby holds a Bachelor  of Commerce (Finance option) from the University of Nairobi and she was a benefiary of African Women Foundation scholarship at the Universidad de Granada (Masters in Economics) Year 2017-2018

The government encouraged the local manufacturers to be innovative

Purity-Kathambi-KeniaIn indeed the world is a small village and has been brought into standstill by this Pandemic. As many parts of the world have been affected Kenya an east African country has not been left out either.

Since the first case was reported in Kenya,the government moved in swiftly with measures to stop the spread of the Covid 19 like Closure of all institutions of learning and Place of worship, Ban of any form of social gathering and closure of entertainment joints in the country. The government continued to monitor the situations with new cases being reported each day during the daily briefing by the Minister for Health and or the President.

With this in mind, the government encouraged the local manufacturers to be innovative and come up with a solution through local production of the required PPE’S (Personal Protective Equipment).

The Private sector including universities have already come up with Protype ventilators and Production of various PPE’S is also being done here in Kenya. We have also seen invention from our Medical research institute(KEMRI) who have come up with a rapid  testing Kits that will be used for the Mass testing in Kenya.

Having the cases increasing each single day -the government later introduced other measures including, ban on all international flights in and out of the country,madatory self-quarantine for those coming in Kenya(Government facilities/Private facilities),introduction of curfew(7pm-5a.m) and restriction of movement in out of major cities and towns for a period of 21 days. Restrictions of non-essential product and services to limit crowding and mandatory observation of social distancing, use of Masks while in Public and hand washing.

So far Kenya has reported below cases;









We can only hope that the situation will normalize and resume to normal life as everyone is being encouraged to stay at home to avoid further spread of the disease.

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