Ghana Wins!


COUNTRY/TOWN: Ghana / USA / Accra

LENGTH: 2013 - 2019

In progress

This project consists of intensive leadership training for Ghanaian women to strengthen their role in areas such as social, education and health, and therefore their leadership in the transformation and development of the country.

Ghana Wins! has three programmes for professional nurses, educators and social activists, and is helping to make women visible for what they are: true protagonists of Ghana’s progress.

In the first phase of the project (2013-2015), nearly 100 women received comprehensive leadership training at New York University, the University of Ghana and the University of Winneba. Following the training, these women designed and implemented a series of programs in their respective communities, thus benefiting the Ghanaian society.

In the second phase (2016-2019), activity on the ground is being stepped up to multiply the local impact of the project. To this end, in the nursing program, the beneficiaries of the first phase will become mentors for the new participants, who, after receiving the corresponding intensive training, will promote new action projects in Ghana.

As for the education and social leadership programs, the beneficiaries will be helped to develop programs with the capacity to face the most urgent challenges, in addition to giving greater visibility to their action.

An example of the actions undertaken by the women who have received the intensive training is the after-school clubs organized in Winneba schools to encourage girls to attend school, through recreational activities (such as theater and talks) and complementary educational activities (reading and math clubs) that highlight the importance of women’s education.

The Ghana Wins! project is run in collaboration with New York University, the University of Ghana, the Winneba University of Education and Banco Santander.

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