Africa with an Ñ


COUNTRY/TOWN: All of Africa / Several

LENGTH: 2014 onwards

In progress

Spanish currently has over 500 million speakers and about 21 million people study it in more than 100 countries, of which more than one million are in Africa. The objective of the Africa with Ñ project is to promote Spanish as a development tool for the continent, especially for African women.

To achieve this, the Women for Africa Foundation has launched a series of initiatives such as the partnership with different Spanish universities so that African female students of Spanish can access language improvement and language immersion programs in our country; the organization of a Congress of African hispanists in Ivory Coast in 2014; or the collaboration with the Cervantes Institute, which in 2019 has awarded 10 scholarships to study the Spanish language at its center in Rabat to Moroccan women selected by Women for Africa.

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