Where is the science? I don’t see it

Madrid, 17th of February of 2023. “Ellas Investigan” “reaches the classrooms of secondary schools in Spain with its new pedagogical project: “Science by Women, a los Instis”, a proposal that aims to bring science closer to the everyday life of young people, from a feminist and anti-colonialist perspective.

From the Foundation, we have spent years not only promoting science made by women in African countries, but we have also focused on breaking stereotypes and encouraging the study of STEM careers among girls and young women. So that is why the veteran program “Ellas Investigan” wished to go a step further with this activity.

To do so, we have prepared a training session, based on the projection of four audiovisual pills,  complementary to the development of classroom activities. These so called pills, cover main themes that serve as a reminder about the main topics to be discussed #lacienciaterodea, #lacienciaesdiversa, #derribaRoles or #NOWisAfrica. Meanwhile the activities materialize the themes that have been worked on, with dynamics such as: “where is the science? I can’t see it”, “what scientist am I?” or the proposal of “scientific challenges”.

The sessions have been prepared by the pedagogue María López, and led by the scientists from the program “Ellas Investigan”. The scientists themselves, who currently find themselves doing their fellowships in different research areas, are the ones to develop the activities in the classroom (with the support of the Foundation’s team).

All these dynamics are designed for students in the 3rd year of middle school, and will be developed throughout these months in different Secondary Schools in Spain. This pedagogical activity is financed by Eurofins Foundation.

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