The return of The Nets of Yemayá – Mozambique and it’s construction of an aviary

Madrid.  8th of July 2022. “The nets of Yemayá-Mozambique II” have began this week in the jurisdiction of Jangamo. This past January the first part of the project was concluded with the establishment of the Khessani Cooperative, and in this second edition, the work will be centred in the formation of the cooperative and it’s first business: an aviary.

This project’s intent is to go a step further, one of “The nets of Yemayá-Mozambique II” many goals is to apply everything that has been learnt in the past and found a social-economic development of the women participants.

The program is still being financed by the Statutory Delegation of Gipuzkoa and coordinated by the Women for Africa Foundation, the Cooperation of Professional Businesswomen and local financier Duna Lodge. This second part of the project is also counting with the specific instructing towards the integrands of the cooperative, to do so, we are counting on Araceli Alonso, teacher at the University of Wisconsin, who is directing the future generators of health, following the model that has been rewarded by the United Nations: “Health by All Means”, which has been developing during this last decade and has not only been implemented in Kenia but other countries as well.

These weekly instructive sessions, that began this past Monday, will evolve around the essential health, from a gender-based perspective. Relevant and varied topics will be worked on, such as leadership, reproductive health, or nutrition. After this training, the participants will become community promotors of health, and will have the capacity to apply or transfer the acquired knowledge in their communities.

The Khessani Cooperative will soon open the aviary that has the capacity to fit 700 chickens. They will be sold in local markets, hotels, and exclusivities of the area.

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