Origine Nador: women’s craftsmanship as a driver of the region’s socio-economic development

We just kicked off the “Origine Nador” project in Nador, Morocco thanks to funding from the ISS Foundation, Una Sonrisa Más, an organization supported by the employees of ISS Spain and with more than 15 years of experience in job creation in developing countries. With this project we want to contribute to the integration of women artisans in the tourism sector as protagonists of the socioeconomic development of the Eastern region. “Origine Nador” aims to create an incubator for entrepreneurial ventures of women artisans and promote their products under the Origine Nador brand.

In the province of Nador, tourism has become increasingly important, driven by the transformations that the Eastern region of Morocco is undergoing, in line with national plans for urban, commercial and tourism development. In particular, the city of Nador is emerging as the future regional commercial capital, thanks to the intense traffic of tourists transiting through Melilla/Beni Enzar from June to September, reaching figures of almost 3,000,000 people and vehicles.

In this context, the handicraft sector emerges as a fundamental pillar in the province where women are protagonists. Around 40% of the working population is formally employed in the handicraft sector, and the informal sector, although not officially registered, plays a significant role. Handicrafts are an engine of opportunity for both entrepreneurship and social inclusion of women. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) highlights entrepreneurship as one of the five priorities for women to take advantage of tourism opportunities in African countries.

Our project will create a business incubator and a brand: ORIGINE NADOR, which will be composed of a group of young women whose dedication will be aimed at promoting the development of business projects in the field of tourism-oriented handicrafts, led by women in the Eastern region. ORIGINE NADOR, as a consultant, will provide support, advice, training, and guidance to women entrepreneurs to develop the potential of their projects and implement their business plans. The incubator will work through programs planned and tutored in a very individualized way, and oriented to guarantee an innovative and competitive entrepreneurial spirit, which contributes to the social, solidary, and economic integration of women in collaboration with the institutions of the region.


Signing of the agreement February 16: Javier Urbiola, CEO ISS-Spain & Teresa Langle de Paz, General Manager MxA

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