Avanz@ project begins in Nador!

Nador, January 27, 2022. The activities of the Avanz@! project, managed by our affiliate in Nador Femmes pour l’Afrique and financed by the Spanish Agency for Development Cooperation (AECID), have begun in Faro de Nador with its first training session. As well as the inauguration of a computer center equipped with more than 20 computers available to young women in the region.


The project responds to the situation of vulnerability of many girls, young women and adolescents in rural areas of Morocco, which has only worsened following the confinement caused by the pandemic. This scenario has highlighted the urgency of developing new strategies capable of addressing this situation, that directly affects their schooling. Supporting, along these lines, the efforts of the Ministry of National Education.


This is why Avanz@! is focused on breaking the gender digital divide and fighting school dropout among girls, adolescents and young people in rural areas in the eastern region of the country. To this end, for a year and a half, educational activities will be developed around two main lines of action. On the one hand, overcoming the gender gap in the field of digitalization, reinforcing the work of the Ministry of Education, specifically its “Second Chance” NFE program; and on the other hand, offering a vocational training diploma in computer science certified by the Ministry of Education.


There will also be training programs for trainers in e-learning and ICTs. There will be additional education in soft skills in leadership and self-esteem, such as the one that has already begun. Local awareness campaigns on the importance of education will be carried out as well.


In addition, the sustainability of the digitalization process in the region will be guaranteed, providing with equipment and support infrastructures through the creation of training classrooms, such as the computer center, and the distribution of tablets with Internet access in the centers for the use of the beneficiaries.



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