8th of March with Apples, Chickens and Chimeras

Madrid, 3th of March 2021. Next Monday is 8th of March, International Women’s Day, and we will celebrate it with one of our most loved initiatives. Collaborating with the Cervantes Institute of Rabat and the writer Najat El Hachmi, our director, Teresa Langle de Paz and the filmmaker Inés París, director of the documental Apples, Chickens and Chimeras, following the line of this film, in a debate about Women and creation.

María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, President of the Foundation, will give a brief introduction to the colloquium, which will be presented by the Institute’s Director, José María Martínez.

So that everyone can participate in an informed way, the documentary will be available several days beforehand on the Cervantes website in Rabat, and can also be viewed on the YouTube channel of Women for Africa.

The production of Apples, Chickens and Chimeras, released in 2013, was one of the first projects of our foundation. With it, we wanted to break clichés and stereotypes and make it possible to better understand African women living in Spain. To this end, a dozen women from different countries on the continent tell us how they arrived in our country, what their life is like here, their worries, joys and challenges.

Inés Paris, a prestigious scriptwriter and film director and audio-visual advisor to the foundation, captures with great sensitivity and beautiful execution the realities of these diverse, tenacious and powerful women, as befits African women.

In addition to this debate, and on the occasion of our day, 8 March, the foundation will publish on its website and social networks a video message from María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, as usual.

To follow the debate, click here.

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