Closing ceremony for F.U.E.R.T.E.S project at UM6P university

Madrid, October 16, 2023. The closing ceremony of the F.U.E.R.T.E.S. (Femmes Unies Ensemble pour la Recherche, la Technologie, l’Environnement et la Science) project took place last Tuesday, October 10, at the library of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University.

Women are major players in the agri-food production chain in Africa, but represent only 25% of the research staff.  F.U.E.R.T.E.S. came into being wirh an aim to promote and support the work of women scientists who are at the forefront of the fight against climate change in Africa. This project was only possible thanks to our collaboration and the commitment of the universities of Sine Saloum El-Hâdj Ibrahima NIASS (USSEIN) and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, as well as the OCP group foundation, all institutions with expertise in agri-food training, sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

During the ceremony, the Rector of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Hicham El Habti welcomed the opportunity provided by F.U.E.R.T.E.S to foster cooperation with Senegal and promote science done by women; Abdellah Oukarroum, from ESAFE (School of Agriculture, Fertilization and Environmental Sciences of the UM6P) highlighted the relevance of projects that focus on the fight against climate change on the African continent; the Rector of the USSEIN University, Dr. Ndèye Coumba Toure Kane, stressed the importance of supporting women’s research projects and thanked all partners for their efforts; the president of Mujeres por África, Mª Teresa Fernández de la Vega, reminded us of the importance of South-South cooperation and of adopting a gender perspective in science, while the project coordinator, Anna Fumarola, insisted on the role of leadership training in this project.

During the ceremony, Antonina Cupe, digital communication coordinator, presented the APP FUERTES, which aims to promote the creation of networks of African women scientists from different fields in order to foster a more diverse and inclusive international scientific community.

Five beneficiaries of the program presented to the audience projects that have emerged as a result of their collaboration:

Dr. Mbeugué Thiam presented a project on nutrition linked to SDG 2: end hunger.
Dr. Rokhy Pouye presented a digital platform of great social impact for the fight against climate change.
Dr. Hasna Founoune presented an agroecology project that includes the production of local biofertilizers.
Dr. Khoudia Niang presented a project on circular economy through multipurpose gardens.
Dr. Laure Tall presented a project on food security focusing on the fight against soil salinization in Senegal.

It was an honor for us to be joined by the Vice Rector for Internationalization and Multilingualism of UNED, Dr. Laura Alba Juez, the Vice Rector for Equality, Inclusion and Social Engagement of the University of Cordoba, Dr. Sara Pinzi and the Director of the Institute of Sustainable Agriculture, Dr. Leire Molinero.

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