Kadiatu Koroma. Sierra Leone


She is one of the girls of the Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone (GESL),  a social impact organization that nurtures and enhances the leadership skills of young girls to become effective advocates and social change agents in their communities.

Girls in Sierra Leone fear the effects of the coronavirus: teenage pregnancy or increased robbery

My name is Kadiatu Koroma and I am in SSS3. I was supposed to take the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination but because of the pandemic, it has been put on hold.

Corona Virus what has the world done to you? What did Sierra Leone do to you? What have I done to you?  You have brought nothing but distraction, loss of lives and economic misery.

I was disappointed that we were told not to go to school and we should continue staying at home and stay safe. I really miss going to school and I miss my friends. Sometimes I feel like it will take forever before we are allow to go school again, because the virus is spreading in Sierra Leone.

Studying at home means more TV than studying

My future is at risk, it has lessen my enthusiasm for studying and this is not healthy for my future. Because of this I really felt bored and decided that I needed a job because the situation in my country is very difficult and it has caused economic breakdown and offices are closed down.

This has diverted the attention of most teenage girls and boys into the street and the outcome of this will be teenage pregnancy and arm robbery all over. I am more concerned about the effect that this situation would cause on girls,  because studying at home means more TV than studying, more cooking than assignments. What will become of us now??



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