Jezawu Issah and Domyirimber Hawa, two young women from Ghana, awarded scholarships at ICSW Las Palmas


Jezawu Issah and Domyirimber Hawa are two young Ghanaians who have started their degree in Business Administration at the Canary Islands Business School  (CIBS) in Las Palmas.

A dream that has come true for them, thanks to a scholarship from the Learn Africa programme which, with the collaboration of Spanish universities and academic centres, promotes higher education for African students through study grants.

In this case, they are two scholarships offered by CIBS within the framework of our collaboration with this centre. The scholarships cover the three years of academic courses, two of which are taught at the centre in Las Palmas and a third year, in which the students specialize at one of the European or Canadian universities with which CIBS is associated.

Both women come from Sawla, a small town of 10,555 people in the Savannah region of northern Ghana.

Jezawu Issah

Jezawu Issah is the youngest of three siblings raised solely by her mother, who was widowed at a young age. She says she has learned the importance of education from her, even though she was never able to study, and also her interest in business administration.

“As a young woman, I became interested in commerce while helping my mother in her small business. I realized that in our society, the idea of entrepreneurship has been men’s territory. While helping my mother, I had the desire to have my own business and show that women are also capable”.

Domyirimber Hawa

Domyirimber Hawa is the seventh child in a rural family of 8 siblings with limited economic resources.

For Domyirimber this scholarship is very important. “These studies at CIBS represent a great opportunity for people like me who come from underprivileged backgrounds. It is an experience that will hone my skills and values and position me to better serve the needs of society,” she says.

From Women for Africa, we wish that all their dreams come true and we encourage them to continue studying and training in Las Palmas so that when they return to Ghana they can put their knowledge back into practice there.

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