Dr. Mona Said Mahmoud, Egyptian scientist, joins the Carlos III Institute of Health


Dr. Mona Said Mahmoud, Egyptian, has returned to Madrid after the lock-down imposed by the pandemic to resume her research at the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII).

She is one of the 80 beneficiaries of the programme Science by Women, which, since 2014, with the collaboration of Spanish research centres of excellence, promotes, supports and gives visibility to African women scientists and researchers.

During 6 months they have the opportunity to further develop their research projects and exchange knowledge with their Spanish colleagues.

Dr. Mona Said Mahmoud, PhD in Veterinary Medicine, is a renowned Professor of Parasitology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cairo and she heads the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the National Research Centre of Egypt.

Her field of research focuses on cysticercosis and trichinosis, the two most important food-borne parasitic diseases for humans in terms of public health, socio-economic and commercial impact. They are potentially life-threatening diseases.

Applying MBA technology (Multiplex Bead Assay are bead-based assays that allow accurate multi-parametric analysis of underlying diseases and processes) Dr. Mahmoud seeks to formulate the diagnosis and control of zoonoses, with special attention to the one transmitted by the swine breed.

We welcome Dr. Mona Said Mahmoud and wish her much scientific success.

The scientists from the last edition of #SciencebyWomen program, who have already been selected, are expected to join their Spanish research centers in the coming months”.

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