Afia Owusuah Akyan. Ghana


Afia has a degree in Physics in Ghana and studied a Masters in Nanoscience at the Universidad del País Vasco, with colaboration of CFM and DIPC, within the framework of the Learn Africa scholarship programme for African women. She wanted to tell us about her experience with the outbreak of the coronavirus in her country.

AfiaGhanaIn the meanwhile, confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Ghana is 214 persons recovered and 5 lost of precious lives.

There is always an update from the Ghana Health Service;

Currently, there is a partial lockdown of some cities in Ghana. Although my city hasn’t been affected by this, I’m always indoors since I’m currently waiting for my official master transcript and certificate before I can be employed.

I believe the number of infected persons are more than the confirmed cases and this is due to the inadequate number of testing kits in some part of the country.

Most women in Ghana are market traders and we have got few of them in the formal sectors. The nature of our markets are not equipped to shield these market women from contracting the COVID-19. But I understand, some strict measures will still be put in place to make them feel secured.

The general advise from the president is to stay at home. Following the television broadcast, I see a lot of people complying to it because we love our lives and I’m happy about this.

Many thanks to your team for the care and concern at this time of crisis. God bless us all.

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