2021 Learn Africa Program


Learn Africa 2021 is closed

Enrollment period is closed.

The program Learn Africa aims to promote the transfer of knowledge, exchange and training of African female students through scholarships offered by Spanish universities.

Since 2013 and up to now, around 200 African female students from 34 countries have been beneficiaries of this program and had the chance to study in different areas and levels in 40 Spanish universities, 1 Portuguese and 2 educational centers in Morocco.

Learn Africa presents, for second year, a different call than usual. Given the global travel restrictions established because of covid-19 pandemic, all the courses offered for the 2021-2022 will be taught online, except those from Planeta Formation and University which will take place in Rabat.  All these courses  have been designed to avoid the impact of the coronavirus in your training and future.

Therefore, and in view of the impossibility that students can travel and study in person in Spain, the scholarships for this call cover only tuition fees. 

Enrollment period

Enrollment period is closed.

Only requests made online will be accepted.

General requirements

  • Be a woman and have the nationality of an African country.
  • Be enrolled in an African university or have a university degree issued in an African country. For Postgraduate Scholarships, the Degree title is required. The required degree can vary depending on the requested scholarship (see details of each scholarship).
  • Meet the specific requirements of each scholarship.
  • You must have the appropriate technical/technological material and an Internet connection to follow online courses.
  • Only one application per person.

Required documents

To apply for a scholarship you will need to attach the following documents:

  • National identity document
  • Picture
  • CV
  • Diploma / certificate / university degree (as required)
  • Academic record
  • Motivation letter
  • Reference or recommendation letter/s
  • Official language level accreditation if required
  • Research project

Scholarships 2021-2022

All of the scholarships for this call will take place during the academic year 2021-2022.

Evaluation criteria

A specialised comittee will make a first evaluation of all the candidatures according to the following documents:

  • CV
  • Reference letter
  • Motivation letterCarta personal de motivación
  • Languages
  • Research Project if required

The final selection will be agreed with each of the participating universities and the results of the call will be published on our website in July, in addition to being personally communicated to each of the selected candidates.

The decision will not be personally communicated to unsuccessful candidates.

Scholarship acceptance

Once the award of the scholarships has been published, the selected candidates will have seven working days to accept it. Failure to express acceptance within the established period implies resigning the scholarship and its reassignment to another applicant according to the order established on a reserve list.


Beneficary commitment

Once the scholarship has been completed, they are committed to providing a report about their academic experience.

Also, they must answer to a survey so the entity can assess the results, and where necessary, introduce modifications to the scholarship program to improve it if deemed appropriate.

Likewise, The Foundation and the Spanish universities of destination may make full or partial use, on their website or in some of their publications, regarding the content of the report prepared by the scholarship holders after their stay in Spain. In this case, the Women for Africa Foundation may mention the author (s) of said content.

A few aspects to take in account

All online scholarships cover only tuition fees.

You must have a properly configured computer system to develop the online course, considering the following aspects: Internet connection, web browser, operating system, desktop applications, etc.

In order to know the language in which the master’s or course you wish to apply is taught, it is important that you read carefully the information that appears in the description of the master’s or course you are interested in. Before applying, make sure you know the language level requirement, additional requirements or other documentation.

For scholarships whose main language is Spanish, a strong command is required. This level will be proven by submitting an internationally recognized certificated or through a telephone interview that the University can do. In addition, those who are selected, will receive a phone call from the Women for Africa Foundation to inform you personally, having here to communicate in the language of the scholarship you have applied for.

You should have in mind that there are some procedures that may require an economic outlay, such as the homologation and translation of degrees or academic records.

The beneficiary agrees to deliver a duly certified and translated copy of her university degree to the university. If you are selected, we recommend starting the process when you accept the scholarship.

It is important to note that scholarships do not guarantee coverage of other expenses such as the issuance of the title.

Frequently asked questions

The results of the call will be published on our website in July (www.mujeresporafrica.es) and we will personally communicate it to each of the selected ones. We will not contact unsuccessful candidates.

No. You should be aware of our website (www.mujeresporafrica.es) where we will publish the results.

No. When you go to apply for the scholarship, make sure you have all the necessary documents to attach.

You will receive a confirmation email. Make sure to check all the folders in your email, including the Spam folder.

You do not have to do anything, just wait until the results of the call are published on our website. If you are selected, we will contact you directly.

All online scholarships cover only tuition fees.

Titles may have territorial (Spain) or extraterritorial (outside Spain) validity.

You must have a properly configured computer system to develop the online course, considering the following aspects: Internet connection, Web browser, operating system, desktop applications, webcam and microphone, etc.

Depending on the program you have selected. In broad terms, the courses are taught between September 2021 and July 2022.

Yes, the scholarships vary and the requirements also. The fact of having already participated in previous calls does not constitute any impediment for you to apply in new programs.

No, only requests received throught the website are evaluated.


If you have any questions or you need any additional information, please contact the Foundation at: learnafrica@mujeresporafrica.es

Remember that you can consult the Frequently asked questions section where your questions could be resolved.


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