Martha Korok. Kakuma Refugee Camp. Kenya


Martha Korok, 21, comes from South Sudan and has been in the Kakuma Refugee Camp (190,000 people) in Kenya, since she was 4, where she is a teacher.

Martha Korok (Kakuma)Thanks for the concern dear , we are safe though the situation is now increasing. There are 25 confirmed cases yesterday evening and what we could do is just being partially quarantined.

Our life lies in the market, our water points are some miles away from home. So we can’t be quarantined fully. Only God will help. Health masks are not offered. All we’ve are exercising is high hygiene of washing hands and that’s it .

The schools are closed and we can’t even teach students online because their is no WiFi in most homes .

The general situation of women is so pathetic, some women have refused to be quarantined claiming their kids will die of hunger if they can’t go to market.


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