PLOCAN (Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands)

This fellowship must be completed not later than June 2024


PLOCAN (Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands) is a Unique Scientific-Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) whose mission is to promote the development of knowledge and technologies for the responsible and sustainable use of the ocean. PLOCAN offers offshore and on land infrastructures to test new technologies, materials, concepts or methodologies, providing services to users in the public and private sectors. It comprises a fixed offshore platform with a net area of 2,500 m2 located near the coast at a depth of 30 m; a testsite with an area of 23 Km2 that offers progressive depths from the coast to 600 meters, and constitutes an optimal ecosystem in terms of data, operational models, logistics, compatible infrastructures and connection to the electricity grid; an electrical and communications infrastructure for evacuation of the energy produced during the experimental tests; a base of autonomous underwater vehicles; an observatory aimed at monitoring global change processes, ocean health, exploration and environmental monitoring of the marine environment and biodiversity; and an onshore headquarters with workshops and laboratories.

Research proposals

  • Acoustics thematic area: «To process, document and prepare acoustic data for noise and bioacoustic measurements» (Matlab or python language very good skills required)
  • Ocean sensor thematic area: «To optimise real-time embedded processing algorithm for event detection on an ocean sensor» (very good C language expertise required)
  • Ocean data management thematic area: «To develop algorithms in Python for the preparation and formatting of oceanographic data and metadata» (python language skills required)

Amigos/as de la fundación