Kronikgune Research Center

This fellowship must be completed not later than June 2023


Kronikgune Research Center is an Institute for Health Services Research that promotes and carries out management and organization research on health and socio-health services. Its scientific research programme is aligned with the policies of the Basque Department of Health, that pursue the continuous adaptation and transformation of the health system by keeping people at the center of the system and addressing the challenges derived from aging, chronicity and dependency

Kronikgune’s area of expertise comprises the development and implementation ICT enabled solutions for integrated care and evaluation of health services.

Integrated healthcare systems

  • Healthcare organisational models and pathways innovation
  • Healthcare implementation and scaling up strategies and methodologies
  • Patient empowerment strategies and interventions

e-Health systems

  • ICT systems and services requirements for integrated care.
  • Design, deployment and evaluation of ICT enabled  personalized care plans.
  • Risk stratification models, to predict patients’ and population needs and resource´s allocation.
  • Innovative ways of using ICTs and digital technologies to enhance knowledge management and knowledge transfer among stakeholders to accelerate efforts towards achieving targets and indicators for SDG3 (on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well being for all at all ages).

Healthcare evaluation

  • Healthcare Process and Outcome evaluation
  • Patient Reported Outcomes”-PROMs
  • Healthcare maturity assessment
  • Budget impact analysis

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