Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII)

This fellowship must be completed not later than November 2024


ISCIII is one of the implementing agents of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System, either as Research and innovation funder and performer. The performing R&I activities done by ISCIII is carried out through its national centers, institutes and research units by contributing decisively to preserving the health of all citizens. ISCIII´s national centers, institutes and units carry out functions, always aimed at improving health and focused on the needs of the citizens as well as offering scientific and technical advisory services that provide a basis for decision-making by the Spanish National Health System, in particular in the field of public health.

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Basic and preclinical research: A better knowledge of the disease by SARS-COVI-2 prevention. Diagnosis and treatment.


National Centre


Dra. Isabel Jado Garcia


Epidemiological research: COVID-19 surveillance of risk factors and health determinants: Monitoring behavioral insights related to COVID-19: a population survey”.

Epidemiological National Centre


Dra. Marina Pollan


Research capacity: building, evidence analysis, implementation research, new diagnostics development on Research on Neglected Tropical and Poverty Related Diseases.

National School of Public Health


Dr. Israel Cruz Mata

Head of International Health Department

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