Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (IAS)

This fellowship must be completed not later than November 2023


Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (IAS) is focused on providing  scientific knowledge and technological transfer that enhances the  harmonization of food production with the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection. The IAS covers agronomy,  crop breeding and crop protection profiting from modern tools and  methodologies tested in Europe and Africa.

Institute of Sustainable Agriculture (IAS)

  • Development of management systems and technologies that  optimize the conservation and efficient use of resources, mainly  soil and water. Efficient use of water in irrigated agriculture systems under wáter scarce conditions. Use of models and remote  sensing to facilitate sustainable management of agricultural systems.
  • Crop breeding for resistance to biotic and abiotic  stresses. Promotion of biodiversity in agriculture through  conservation and enhancement of plant genetic resources. Development of cultivars with enhanced qualities oriented to the market demand.
  •  Co-designing cropping systems for improving food  security, land and water productivity, soil quality and climate  change mitigation in Africa. Analysis of strategies for the  adaptation of agriculture systems to future scenarios of climate  change. Development of innovative and environmentally friendly  strategies for the integrated management of pests, diseases and weeds.

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