Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona – ICMAB

This fellowship must be completed not later than November 2024


Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, ICMAB ) is an institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe, whose main objective is to develop and promote basic and applied research. ICMAB focuses on generating new knowledge in Materials Science and transferring it to the society. Cutting edge activities in materials science are now deeply rooted in the nanoscience revolution and ICMAB’s research is strongly related to new developments in this area. ICMAB is one of the top research institutions named as a “Severo Ochoa Research Centre”, a distinction that recognizes excellence at the highest international level in terms of research, training, human resources, outreach and technology transfer.

Research proposals

Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage System. Developing experimental and theoretical tools to increase our understanding on energy materials, replacing critical materials to boost sustainability, developing conversion and storage technologies.

Superconducting Materials for Emerging Technologies. Developing superconducting tapes or Coated Conductors, which are a unique opportunity to enhance the efficiency and reduce environmental impact in electricity transport, distribution, generation and use.

Oxides for New Generation Electronics. Transition metal oxides are considered to be the building blocks for efficient and energy friendly, data storage, advanced computing and energy harvesting devices.

Tuneable and Low Cost Molecular Electronics. The use of molecules in electronic devices is arousing enormous interest due to their unique advantages for designing tailored functional materials, compatibility with low-cost production processes, biocompatibility and biodegradability.

Bioactive Materials for Therapy and Diagnosis. These materials are developed based on the gathered long-term experience in modeling, obtaining, processing and performing in-vitro studies of nanostructured biomaterials of ICMAB researchers.

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