Rose Alani, leading woman scientist in water and air pollution in Nigeria

Rose Alani, from Nigeria, is one of the 10 beneficiaries of the 3rd edition of the programme Science by Women, targeting African women senior scientists with at least 3 years of post-doctoral experience.

Rose has been researching in Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Barcelona, one of the 10 associated centers of the program, about developing new photonic technology platforms for air pollution and water quality evaluation and monitoring.

Air and water pollution in Nigeria are a national emergency. In fact, the recent released data published by the World Health Organization (WHO) showed four Nigerian cities as the most affected and in worse conditions worldwide in terms of environmental pollution.

Rose says “I had a wonderful staying at ICFO. I want to say a big thank to Mujeres por Africa for so many things, including the wonderful coach Karen Odelot, who has been mora than a coach of the system WorldWork, but a friend to all of us”. Furthermore, she thinks the fellowship will increase her career opportunities and leadership. “I worked with a wonderful team of experts that supported me all through, even now as my work ongoing in ICFO in my absence”.

“All units… I mean every units were so supportive all through my stay. ICFO is not just my host institution but a family. Now as part of the ICFO alumni, my tie with this precious Institute is sure”.

She defines the Science by Women as a wonderful program that will generate very positive impacts not only on her career, but also on her university and on her country, Nigeria. She also hopes that her project will be published soon. She envisages to send her PhD students over to collaborate with ICFO.

Her research at ICFO was so relevant and innovative, that she was invited to present it at the 6thEdition of International Conference on Water Pollution & Sewage management” in Rome. We congratulate Rose on this great achievement and we wish her a great career, because in Africa too, there are talented women scientists and researchers.

Science by Women has been launched in 2014 with the aim to empower African women researchers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics) and enable them to play a leading role in the transition of Africa to a knowledge-based and innovation-led economy.

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