6th “African Women in Spain” Photography Contest

25th May, 2018. To celebrate Africa Day, the Women for Africa Foundation (MxA) is holding its annual “African Women in Spain” photography contest, whose purpose is to document and raise awareness about the true situation of African women residing in our country via photos that show different aspects of daily life in this wide-ranging social group.

The contest is one of the Women for Africa Foundation’s most well-established initiatives. Since it was launched in 2013, about 1,500 photos have been received, some of which were taken by professionals and others by enthusiasts who show a diversity of real situations that Spanish society is often unaware of: images of the work they do, of their family lives, their leisure time and, to sum up, any situation they are experiencing or have experienced in our country.

There is a first prize of €1,250 for the best photograph and another of €500 for the runner-up. Participation begins today, 25th May, and will remain open until 31st October 2018. The jury’s decision will be announced in November 2018 on the foundation’s website, and the winner will be informed personally by the e-mail or phone number they have indicated on submitting their participation.

As in the previous contests, the jury will be made up of Blanca Berlin, the gallerist and photographer; Alfredo Cáliz, the photographer; and Ángeles Puerta, a member of the Women for Africa Foundation’s board of trustees.

The photography contest is one of the activities in the “African Women in Spain” programme, via which the MxA Foundation keeps up means of communication with the African women residing in our country


Complete Rules and Form for Participation

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