Celebrating Africa Day at the University of Seville

25th of May 2021. The University of Seville is celebrating today, under the presidency of its Rector, Miguel Ángel Castro, a celebration event for Africa Day in which Women for Africa is actively participating.

Our President, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, has taken the floor telematically, stressing the need to learn about Africa and to support Africa, not only for reasons of global balance, solidarity and justice, but also because only if things go well for Africa will they go well for Europe, and particularly for Spain.

The president of the foundation has also highlighted the commitment of the University of Seville towards the continent, where it is currently undertaking six development cooperation projects. The University will soon be associated with the foundation’s Learn Africa project.

Our general managerl, Teresa Langle de Paz, has also taken part in the conference, giving a lecture entitled “Looking at uniqueness: the university and the bases of feminist sustainable development”.

The director has said that talking about development, and about Africa, means talking about unresolved challenges for many women, but that, at the foundation, we are encouraged by the knowledge of a force that pushes life forward and arises from daily violence; emotions that emerge in rebellion and in the defence of each woman. These stealthy rebellions, and this feminist emotion, is what Teresa Langle has characterised in her books.

She has argued that having a vision, a feminist approach to development cooperation is the best way to promote it, always supporting the action of African women, who are its leading players. She has exemplified this with the projects carried out by the foundation.

After the conference, the Rector of the University of Seville has awarded the Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic to María Dolores López Enamorado, professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Seville, and director of several Cervantes Institutes in North Africa throughout her career.

Luis García Montero, Director of the Cervantes Institute, and Ricardo Díez-Hochleitner, Spanish Ambassador to Morocco, have also participated in the award ceremony via video messages.

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