An International day to enjoy the diversity of women

One more year we have reached March 8th. A day in which we, the women really feel the party, the desire to celebrate our sisterhood that we are together on this day to emphasize the fact that we feel as partners of a road that`s been long in the making.

A path that today we commemorate with the joy in pray.

This is for our pioneers, those women who, when it was said that had no soul, already believed in women, knew that they were no less clever, no lees capable and no less strong.

For those who were passing their baton generation after generation, getting the vote, getting the rights, the minimum conditions so we can feel like full citizens.

That’s how we got here. And although the world is not exactly at its best, we, women, are. We are inaugurating a new time. We are creating, discovering, leading. We are improving our societies, as we have always done. But now, with greater visibility and greater decision-making power that we ever had.

Of course, we are aware of the richness of our diversity.

The feminist movement is a diverse and plural women’s movement. We are half of the world’s population that demands justice, equality, respect.

There is no woman who does not want a dignified life and to enjoy her rights. Our important values and objectives are the same. That is why we have to join forces, pull out all the good and valuable things that our own history brings us, the multiple paths we have travelled that form our plurality.

And I will tell you what : powerful people are those who, like women, know they are doing the right thing. It is those people who move the world. The power of knowledge, the power of illusion, of conviction, of trust, is what has always changed things. And we, women, treasure all of this as never before. We have a lot to contribute, to propose to this world in which patriarchy has long since become a burden from which we all have to free ourselves.

This is the reason why we are happy, happy to know that we have only just begun to live that full life for which we have fought so hard. And that the true history of free women has yet to be written.

Our daughters are going to do so, there’s no doubt about it. The motto of the United Nations for this March 8 is “I am of the generation of equality”.

And, indeed, there they are, the youngest ones, ready not to let themselves be won an inch of freedom, aware of their full personal and citizen sovereignty, committed to the great challenges of their time, united and connected to seek their personal fulfillment and that of their countries.

But there are also our mothers, our grandmothers, and so many women of all times who gave their lives for us, for freedom, for equality, and who opened up the roads for us that we have traveled until we came here.

I feel enormously proud of all of them. So, go ahead, women. Let’s go. For March 8, for us and for a world of equality.


María Teresa Fernández de la Vega

Friends of the foundation