Celebrate Africa Day with our annual photo competition


Celebrate Africa Day with our annual photo competition

  • MxA holds its 3rd “African Women in Spain” photography contest
  • In this second contest, there is a first prize of € 1,000 and another of € 500 for the runner-up photographer.

Monday, 25th May, 2015. To mark this special day, 25th May, Africa Day, the Women for Africa Foundation (or MxA) is holding its "African Women in Spain" photography contest for the third time this year. We encourage you to take part in this annual event, whose main aim is to take a look at the real situation of hundreds of thousands of African women currently residing in our country.

The contest’s theme is precisely what the title says. The only condition you have to meet is that the pictures sent must show African women in all circumstances of their life, whether this means their personal or professional life, and that they have been taken in Spain.

The contest is open to all amateur and professional photographers who wish to participate and who meet the requirements for this third edition. You can do so via this simple form on our website. There is a first prize of 1,000 euros and a second of 500 euros. The deadline for entries begins today and will end on 16th November.

As in the two previous editions, the jury will be made up of Blanca Berlin, the gallerist and photographer; Alfredo Cáliz, the photographer; and Ángeles Puerta, a member of the Women for Africa Foundation’s board of trustees. The jury's decision will be announced between 14th and 21st December, 2015.

In the last edition of the competition, held last year, the first prize went to the picture The Virgin of Mali, by Jesús Ángel Gabaldón, while Sara Martín López took second prize with her picture Braiding Hair.

The contest is part of our project “African Women in Spain," which includes several activities aimed at raising awareness and getting to know about African women residing in Spain.

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