Women Make Movies

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Women Make Movies



DURACIÓN: 2014 and onwards

This cross-discipline project aims to foster an exchange of ideas and initiatives among African and Spanish women, carry out joint projects and above all promote African women’s point of view by creating audiovisuals on the continent.

The world of audiovisuals and images in general plays a very significant role today in transforming societies and in particular in breaking away from examples that act as obstacles to equality between men and women. This is why Women for Africa has deemed this sphere to be an especially important one in its plan of action.

In addition to documenting all of our projects on video, the foundation would like the films directed by African women to be seen in Spain. This is why we have created our annual festival "Women Make Movies”, aimed at showing films in Spain made by African women directors. So far four editions have been held, bringing 21 feature length films and six short films from 14 countries to Spanish audiences.

We were also very successful in producing the documentary Apples, Chickens and Chimeras, directed by the Spanish filmmaker Inés París, about the lives of African women resident in Spain.

Among this project's lines of activity, it is also worth noting the scholarships for 5 Ghanaian students to study a course in the field of cinema in the National film and television Institute (NAFTI) in Ghana.

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