Malian Women in Action for Peace

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Malian Women in Action for Peace

NOMBRE DEL PROYECTO: Malian Women in Action for Peace

PAÍS/CIUDAD: Mali / Bamako

DURACIÓN: 2014 and onwards

Mali is facing a serious crisis that reveals the need to strengthen its democratic institutions and to broaden the base for citizens’ participation. The success of this depends on ensuring the full participation of women, who still face a gap in inequality that keeps them from actively contributing to the country’s progress. During the conflict in Mali, women were victims of violence, including rape and other crimes, so it is necessary to bolster their voice now that the country's future is at stake. The challenge is considerable but the participation of Malian women will help the country to overcome it successfully.

It is precisely with this aim that the Women for Africa Foundation launched the project Malian Women in Action for Peace in 2014, which helped improve their negotiating skills and their role in the process of national reconciliation and dialogue via individualised training tailored to their particular needs. The project was launched with tailored training for 26 women, and the first phase ended in 2015.

The second phase aims to extend and consolidate the impact of the first. To do so, we will provide advanced training in mentoring and coaching for a group of women leaders from the first edition, who in turn will participate as mentors in workshops for the new participants in the project.


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