Ghana Wins

With the name “GHANA WINS!”

We are presenting a project to boost leadership and training among Ghanaian women

Ghana is one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa and the world. This is due to a large extent to the contribution made by the country’s women, but they can still do much more. The Mujeres por África Foundation wishes to accompany them in this transition period.

On Wednesday 6th June, the Foundation has presented one of its main projects— an initiative to support Ghanaian women in three of the areas where their participation is most necessary for the country: education, health care and social leadership.

This is the Ghana Wins project, a set of three educational programmes sponsored by Mujeres por África that is to be carried out in partnership with Banco Santander, the University of New York and the University of Ghana.

The project aims to train a total of 80 Ghanaian women, including health care professionals, educators and leaders in the areas of political, economic and social development. These eighty women will also carry out a total of 30 projects to serve society in Ghana.

To do so, three training programmes will be launched that will be run by the University of New York and the University of Ghana, with classes in both locations.
The programmes are:

  •  Social Leadership Programme: This initiative is aimed at strengthening Ghana’s democratic institutions and social fabric, and at fostering leadership, decision-making and activity (empowerment) for women in this African country. The year-long programme will train a group of women who work in mid- and high positions of public management, in the economic field and in civil society to help them become catalysts for modernization, revitalization and ultimately development in the country. All of this is to be done from the perspective of gender equality in terms of opportunities and transforming the role of women in Ghanaian society.

     This programme will last one year and 15 to 20 women will take part.

  • Hospital Management Training Programme: This programme aims to train professional women nurses so they can become managers within the Ghanaian health system. The programme will last three years (two courses of 18 months each) and will involve training 24 nurses to manage human and material resources in order to improve public health care management in Ghana.

       This programme will last over three years, with two courses of 18 months each that will train a total of 24 nurses.

  • Training programme for educators: This programme aims to provide a response to the problem of lack of training and professional development for teachers in different educational stages and disciplines in a country where, furthermore, women are under-represented within the teaching profession. The programme will train a total of 36 teachers in three courses of one year each, who in turn will then spread these good practices.

      The programme will be run every year for 3 years, at the end of which it will have trained 36 educators.

The first major result from the project will be that the women benefitting from the various programmes will then carry out a total of 30 projects to serve Ghanaian society.

The Foundation’s President, María Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, has been at the presentation ceremony in addition to the President of Banco Santander and Patron of the Foundation, Emilio Botin; the President of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities and board member of the Foundation, Adelaida de la Calle; the Vice-president of the University of New York, Sarah Waterbury and the Director of the Academic Center of New York in Ghana, on behalf of the University of Ghana, Akosua Anyidoho.

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